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Welcome to the Prisma Cloud APIs

Prisma™ Cloud provides comprehensive visibility and threat detection across an organization’s hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure. It is available as either an Enterprise or Compute Edition, offering a convenient REST API for all of its services. Your APIs choice will depend on the edition that you're using.

Prisma™ Cloud consists of the following services:

Cloud Security Posture Management enables you to configure custom integrations for your cloud security needs. For example, you can use it to automate sending alert notifications to an in-house tool you use or to extend the DevOps security capabilities for a tool that does not have an extension or plugin for Prisma Cloud. Most actions supported on the Prisma Cloud web interface are available with the REST API.

Cloud Workload Protection allows for automation and integration with other systems in your environment. Every control in the Console UI is exposed through the RESTful API. You can use the API for setup, configuration, monitoring, alerting, and data extraction.

Cloud Code Security enables you to check your Infrastructure-as-Code resources against Prisma Cloud out-of-the-box and custom security policies programmatically, ensuring security throughout the build lifecycle.