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How to Evaluate CONSOLE

All the example API commands in these documents specify a <CONSOLE> variable, which represents the address for Console. The Console address will depend on how Console was installed.

For SaaS Installations#

To find your <CONSOLE> path for a SaaS environment:

  1. Log into Console.
  2. Navigate to Compute > Manage > System > Downloads.
  3. You can find your <CONSOLE> path listed under Path to Console. Click Copy to quickly copy the path to your clipboard.

For Self-hosted Installations#

For self-hosted environments, the Prisma Cloud Compute API is exposed on port 8083 (HTTPS). This port is specified at install time in twistlock.cfg.

  • (Default) Kubernetes installations: Console service is exposed by a LoadBalancer.

    The value for <CONSOLE> is the LoadBalancer followed by port 8083:

  • Onebox installations: Console installed on a stand-alone host.

    The value for <CONSOLE> is the IP address or DNS name of the host followed by port 8083: