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CWPP API - 22.06


The Prisma Cloud Workload Protection REST API lets you automate workflows and integrate with external systems. Use the API to:

  • Set up, configure, reconfigure, and deploy Prisma Cloud Compute components to secure your hosts, containers, and serverless functions against vulnerabilities, malware, and compliance violations.
  • Extract the security data that Prisma Cloud Compute has collected about your environment and send it to your monitoring, alerting, and reporting systems.

The Compute APIs are the same for both the Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition (SaaS) and the Prisma Cloud Compute Edition (self-hosted). The method of accessing the API is slightly different, see getting started for information on how to access the APIs.

How to find your version​

To find the the version of Prisma Cloud Workload Protection that you're running:

  1. Log into your Prisma Cloud Compute console.

  2. Click the bell icon in the top right of the page.

    The drop-down shows the currently running version:

    Console screenshot

View parameter descriptions​

The parameter descriptions are available for each endpoint. The body or query (wherever applicable) parameters are listed after the endpoint description. The response parameters are hidden under the label Response 200.

Click > to view hidden parameters.

View API endpoint body parameters​

Expand Body Parameters

View API endpoint response parameters​

Expand Response Parameters

Choose your Version:​